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Why Single-Family Homes Are Perfect for New Families

June 22, 2024
Father and Daughter Walking Down The Road Together In Houston, TX

Is your family growing? Maybe you just got married, or you’re expecting to have your first child soon! No matter the reason, finding a house that accommodates your family’s needs is essential to an enjoyable at-home experience. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but in recent years, single-family homes (SFH) have risen in popularity more quickly than other types of houses. 

Single-family homes refer to a style of house that’s designed to accommodate an entire family, typically 4-5 people. These homes are freestanding and reside on their own property, which means that they often have a front, back, and side yards. Most single-family homes have 2-4 bedrooms and can either be 1 or 2 floors, depending on the floorplan that they have. Overall, they offer new families an ideal environment to raise their kids and enjoy life together, and if you’re looking for a new place to live, a SFH should be at the top of your list! Let’s learn more about what makes single-family homes perfect for new families.

Everyone Gets Their Own Room in a SFH!

If you’ve ever shared a room with your siblings growing up, you know how much of a pain it can be sometimes! Fortunately, most single-family homes feature several bedrooms to ensure that everyone has their own space; a precious commodity for anyone who’s used to living in small homes and apartments. To make the most of the space that they occupy, single-family homes often feature shared bathrooms between bedrooms. This is known as a “Jack and Jill bathroom,” and it has a shared bathtub and toilet with two separate sinks, one for each bedroom. With this layout, there’s no more fighting over who gets to brush their teeth first!

These Homes Are Built To Foster A Sense of Community.

Since single-family homes are designed with families in mind, they are often constructed in community-style layouts where each home is in relatively close proximity to each other. Many families prefer this layout because it gives them a greater sense of security compared to homes that are spaced far apart from each other. Another hallmark of single-family home communities is their quiet streets. Although many of these communities are located in big cities, they aren’t built on major roads or highways. This results in communities with streets that don’t see heavy traffic, making them ideal places for children and adults alike!

Single-Family Homes Have Plenty of Space Outside, Too!

While SFHs have abundant space on the inside, they also feature lots of space outside for you and your family to enjoy! Single-family homes typically have full-sized front and back yards, so you truly have outdoor living spaces to call your own. Plus, most SFHs have fenced-in backyards, so if your family includes a furry friend or two, there’s a safe place for them to enjoy some time outside as well! If all you think about is yard work when you see a big backyard, don’t fret! HomeSite’s single-family home communities have landscaping maintenance included in your monthly fees for added convenience and more free time for you and your family. 

Find The Perfect Single-Family Home with HomeSite!

Single Family Rental Homes Available In Houston, TX

If you and your family are looking to find a SFH in the Greater Houston area, look no further than a HomeSite Residential single-family home community! Located all across Houston, our communities provide families with a safe place to call home while remaining close to the city. With amenities such as landscape maintenance, private yards, built-in garages, and more, you can rent the home of your dreams with some added convenience that helps make life a little easier. Submit an application today to get one step closer to the perfect home!

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