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Find Your Future Rental Home With Us!

Looking to move to a beautiful single-family home in the Houston area? Our rental home communities are conveniently located around the Houston metroplex and feature a variety of floor plans for you to choose from. With new listings being updated every day, you and your family can find your dream home anytime, anyplace. 

Our Home Application Process & What To Expect

The HomeSite Residential home application process is quick, easy, and can be completed from anywhere. There are a few things to keep in mind while you’re applying for a rental home to ensure that the process goes smoothly. 

While filling out the application may only take a few minutes, processing your application may take up to 5 business days. This is due to the fact that each rental home listing may receive several applications at a time. Also, if you plan on living with a spouse or roommate, all adults over the age of 18 must also fill out an application. A representative from City Spot Realty will contact you approximately 48 hours after you submit your application to update you on your application status. If you haven’t received an email from the City Spot Realty leasing department within 2 business days, please reach out via email to leasing@cityspotrealty.com or call/text directly to 832-412-2221. Visit our listings page to discover which homes we are currently accepting applications for.

What You’ll Need for Your Application

Application Fee: $50.00

Before you fill out your application, you’ll need to provide some specific information about your income, rental history, credit score, and criminal record. Please be prepared to provide the following information when completing the application process:

1. Application Fee

For every application submitted, you must pay a $50.00 application fee. If you do not meet the selection criteria, provide inaccurate or incomplete information, or provide a valid form of payment, your application may be rejected. All application fees paid are nonrefundable.

2. Income Information

All applicants must be currently employed or have a consistent source of income that can be proven via bank statements or paycheck stubs. Your gross income must be at least 3 times the amount of your monthly rent. If you plan on co-applying with another person, income statements can be combined as long as all applicants are over the age of 18 years old. To upload your paychecks and/or bank statements, click the link below: https://documentportal.info/application/apply/kfGsMy3tbG/SyIjCwjDPx 

3. Rental Verification

To successfully apply, your rental history needs to be verified. If you have broken a lease or received an eviction notice within the last 12 months your application will be denied. Any broken leases or evictions that have occurred longer than 12 months ago will be subject to further examination. If you have no rental history, your security deposit may be increased.

4. Credit Score

Each individual property listing has different credit score requirements, so please refer to the listing information to determine if you qualify. If you have a low credit score, your security deposit may be increased.

5. Criminal Record

If you are a registered sex offender or have related offenses on your record, your application will be denied. Misdemeanors and felonies will be subject to further examination.

HomeSite Residential Pet Policy

Pets are acceptable at most HomeSite Residential properties. There is a 2-pet maximum at each property, and certain breed restrictions do apply. Monthly pet fees are $25/per pet. If you plan on bringing your pet(s) to live with you in your home, you will need to fill out a separate Animal Agreement. A non-refundable deposit of $300/per cat and $500/per dog is required. All pet deposits are due at the same time as the Security Deposit.

Resident Benefit Package

All HomeSite Residential properties have a resident benefit package, which includes amenities and maintenance. The monthly administration fees for each property range from $35 and $150 depending on the property. 

Contact Us with Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Thank you for reading about our application process! We’re excited you’re interested in applying for one of our properties. Be sure to reference our FAQ page for additional details about life in our communities.

If you have any additional questions about our application process, please feel free to contact us on our website or via phone at 713-993-7100.