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What Is an SFR?

February 7, 2024
Houston Single Family Rental Home- HomeSite Residential

If you’ve been researching homes for rent recently, you may have seen the acronym “SFR” appear frequently in home listings. But what does SFR stand for? SFR is an acronym that stands for “Single Family Rentals”, a type of house that has many of the same features and square footage as traditional homes without the burden of a mortgage. Like apartments, single family rentals do not require residents to take out a mortgage; they simply sign a lease agreement and pay for rent and utilities every month to maintain their residency. But unlike apartments, SFRs often look and feel like traditional homes. 

These houses are commonly built apart from each other and feature fully-fenced yards, garages, and plenty of space. These are some of the main reasons why SFRs have become popular with young families in recent years; they combine the affordability of apartments with the space and amenities of a traditional house. If you’re considering taking a tour of a single-family rental soon, here are some important details and benefits that these homes feature.

Benefits of Single Family Rental (SFR) Homes

As mentioned previously, SFRs offer residents a more luxurious at-home experience without a mortgage. While this is certainly a notable benefit, there are tons of other perks that come with living in a single family home. First, most SFR homes feature complimentary home services that are included with your monthly rent. These amenities often include complimentary lawn service, home maintenance, access to private walking trails, and much more to elevate your living experience. Also, single family homes are often offered in a variety of different floor plans. Even though these homes are often arranged in a community-style layout, each house has a different amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, and square footage. That way, there’s a suitable home for everyone in the family to enjoy.

How Much Do SFR Homes Cost?

Just like apartments and houses, the cost of SFRs varies. Factors such as the home’s square footage and location play a major role in how much your utilities and rent will be every month. Let’s use our home city of Houston, Texas as an example. For a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom SFR with 1,200 square feet, residents can expect to pay about $1,500 per month in rent. Larger single family homes, such as the Wycliffe Heights townhomes in northwest Houston, will typically cost a bit more at about $2,800 per month in rent, but you do get more floors and interior space as a result. Depending on the SFR that you choose to live in, the amount that you will pay every month for rent and utilities will rival that of a standard apartment

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Houston Texas Single Family Rental Home

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