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Is Springtime The Best Time of Year To Move in Houston, Texas?

April 25, 2024

It’s finally starting to get a little warmer in Houston, and for many families, the sunny skies signal the beginning of the moving season. More people move houses in the summertime than at any other time of year; maybe the warm weather motivates people to get outside to start looking at new houses! Summer seems like the best time to move thanks to the ideal weather, but depending on your family’s needs, the best time to move could be different. 

When Is Peak Moving Season In Houston?

In Houston, a majority of people move in the summertime, specifically between the months of May and September. This is usually attributed to the additional free time that comes with summer vacation as well as the warmer weather, which is when most Texans prefer to spend their time outside! Plus, many families will move homes in the summer so that their kids won’t have to transfer schools in the middle of the semester. While these are all compelling reasons for moving during the summertime, depending on your current living situation, you may want to consider moving houses at a different time of year. 

What Time of Year Is Best for Moving?

Although summer is the peak moving season in Houston, there are reasons why this time of year may not be suitable for you to move houses. If you’re considering moving to Houston from a different state, be prepared; it can get really HOT! Houston summers are no joke, and moving boxes and furniture all day in the sweltering Texas heat can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and even heat stroke. Also, moving homes can be a lengthy process; everything from house hunting to packing boxes can take weeks to complete. Thus, it’s important to remember that if you decide to move in the summertime, it may cut into your vacation time. 

Because of these reasons, the best time of year to move in Houston, Texas is springtime. Moving houses in the spring allows you to stay ahead of the peak moving season in Texas, which makes it easier to find available homes and realtors who can assist you in your home search. Also, springtime weather is milder in Texas compared to the summer heat, so doing all of the hard work associated with moving is much more tolerable. 

Where Can I Find My Next Home In Houston?

One of the most grueling parts of moving houses actually comes before you start packing boxes; the dreaded home search process often takes much longer than the move itself! Many people start their home search by hiring a realtor. While real estate agents offer useful insights into the homes and neighborhoods in your area, their services can be expensive. Because of this, many future homeowners use home search websites to find available listings. 

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