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    All You Need To Know Before Your Move!

Moving To Houston, TX?
All You Need To Know Before Your Move!

March 29, 2023

No Place Quite Like Houston

Houston is in the southeastern corner of Texas, bordering the Gulf of Mexico. Over 2 million people call Houston home, making it the largest metroplex in the state and one of the largest cities in the United States. With its top-notch museums, Astros, NASA, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Rodeo, and Beaches, Houston boasts a thriving cultural environment. In Houston, there is always something to do thanks to the vibrant nightlife, constant events, and live music venues. Houston is a wonderful place to live with the great job opportunities, low cost of living, zero income tax, and a diverse culture!

Getting Around In Houston, Texas

The main form of transportation in the Houston area is by car. However, there are some alternative means for transportation such as the rail, and bus system, along with a bike program. There are also taxis or ride-sharing in the Houston area. The square-shaped Interstate 610, or “the Loop,” encloses the primary urban area of Houston. This separates Houston into two types of lifestyles, urban or city life and the suburbs. In the inner part of the loop you have the city lifestyle. You can expect shorter commutes, a larger bar and restaurant scene, and a variety of cultural events and galleries. The area outside of the loop is the suburbs where you will often find family-friendly communities and top-rated public school systems. There is also a lot of urban expansion to be aware about. 

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What’s The Weather Like in Houston, TX?

Houston is renowned for its warm, sunny weather. Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it also experiences a lot of rain, humidity, and beach time! Galveston, a beach city on the gulf coast, is only 45 minutes from downtown Houston and has fantastic restaurants and bars to enjoy when the weather is pleasant and warm. Houston is more likely to experience flooding because of the city’s high rainfall. You can be prepared for floods if you take the necessary precautions when a storm is happening.

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