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Why You Should Consider Houston, Texas As Your Next Home

September 6, 2023
The city of Houston, Texas

Growing Economy, Affordable Rent, and No Income Tax

Houston, Texas is currently one of the best places to grow your career. As a headquarters to multiple Fortune 500 companies like ExxonMobil, Sysco, Waste Management, and more, Houston is a diverse city of job opportunities. In Texas, there is no state income tax either, which means that the money you make from your work in Houston stays with you, allowing you to invest, save, and spend your earnings how you like. Did you know that In comparison to other metroplexes, Houston is one of the most affordable places to live when it comes to rent and utilities? This creates the perfect opportunity to grow as you save money, work with amazing companies, and live comfortably.

Houston’s Cultural Diversity 

Houston is one of the most diverse and inclusive cities in the United States. This fosters a vibrant variety of food, art, and music from around the world. The most famous food from Houston is Viet-Cajun style soul food that can’t be found anywhere else. Houston is also the home-town to multiple influential musicians like Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion. With amazing and impactful contributions to global culture, Houston creates an unparalleled entertainment scene that is truly unique. Houston art and culture has something for everyone. 

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Education Opportunities in Houston, TX

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” is a common saying heard all over the world, and Houston doesn’t disappoint. Houston, Texas is home to multiple renowned universities and colleges that make it an amazing choice for students. Houston is also home to the Texas Medical Center, the largest medical complex in the world, making the city a beacon to healthcare professionals and researchers alike. Houston is also home to multiple Law Schools like Thurgood Marshall, University of Houston, and Texas Southern University that have produced multiple renowned figures in judicial decisions.

Houston, Texas Close-Knit Communities

Southern hospitality takes a whole new meaning in Houston. When moving to Houston, you will find nothing but friendliness and welcoming arms that embrace newcomers. Within a couple weeks of moving to Houston, you are very likely to be invited to a good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ, an Astros or Rockets game, or just to grab a beer down at the roadhouse. HomeSite’s residential neighborhoods are no different from the welcoming city of Houston.

Coastal Opportunities in Houston

Houston is less than an hour away from the coast city of Galveston, which is right on the Gulf of Mexico. By being so close to the coast, beach days don’t require a whole weekend plan, you can go whenever you want! Also, due to the gulf being surrounded by the North American continent, it isn’t as cold as other oceans. This means that the summer beach season is longer, more fun, and an absolute blast.

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HomeSite Residential’s Houston Homes.

Our residential neighborhoods are perfectly placed for our community members. Each of our Houston communities has diverse outing options for night-life enthusiasts, beach lovers, outdoor adventurers, and more. Our Houston homes also offer the ideal distance from Downtown, where suburban life is enjoyable, but with all of the conveniences of a city.

Our built-to-rent homes in the Houston metropolitan area have luxurious features, vibrant communities, and convenient amenities that create a comforting environment for our residents. We pride ourselves on the relaxation that our neighborhoods provide, and the relationships created from that southern hospitality we all enjoy giving. Contact us today to start your journey towards enjoying all of the benefits of living in Houston, Texas.

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