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Why More Young Adults Are Moving To Townhomes in 2024

May 28, 2024
Attached garages to townhomes in houston

Depending on where you live in the greater Houston area, it seems like there are new residential buildings being built every day. Tons of newly-constructed homes are being listed for sale across the metroplex, ready for their first residents to move in. Many of these new buildings are townhomes, a style of house that is becoming more popular with young families everyday. Townhomes have massive amounts of appeal among millennials in 2024, but why are they becoming so popular? Let’s learn more about the advantages that townhomes offer compared to other homes and why you should consider moving into one.

Townhomes Are Conveniently Located in Urban Areas

Bike path in downtown houston landscape

If you’ve ever wondered why they’re called “townhomes,” it’s all in the name! Townhomes are typically located in densely populated urban areas and can be found on many of America’s city streets. Many young adults seek them out because of their close proximity to downtown areas in cities, which is where a majority of them work and run errands. Anyone who has lived in Houston knows that traffic can get a little crazy from time to time; living in a townhome close to work can drastically reduce your commute time, especially if you travel to and from the suburbs outside of the city. 

More Space = More Room for Growing Families

Wycliffe Townhome living room

While townhomes don’t offer the same amount of space as a traditional home, they often have more square footage than the average apartment, making them desirable to people looking to start a family. Most townhomes also feature a 3-floor layout, which greatly maximizes the amount of space that townhomes occupy. Plus, depending on the townhome you move to, they also feature 2 car garages and private yards to give you more space to call your own.

Community-Style Living Is The Perfect Option for Young Socialites

People enjoying Houston townhome community

Townhomes are often characterized by their community-oriented neighborhood layouts. As a result, townhome living is bound to make you more acquainted with your neighbors! While some homeowners prefer the privacy of traditional freestanding homes, millions of young adults all over the country prefer the more connected lifestyle that townhome communities offer. 

Explore Wycliffe Heights: Houston’s Premier Townhomes!

Townhome community in Houston Texas

With tons of townhome communities sprouting up all over Houston, finding one that checks all of your boxes can be difficult. Our townhomes at the Wycliffe Heights living community offers residents an elevated living experience that includes amenities that aim to make life a little easier. Every townhome features a 2 car garage, new stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and fully-fenced private yards to make you feel truly at home. With 2 floor plans to choose from and convenient monthly rent plans as opposed to paying a mortgage, Wycliffe Heights has the townhouse of your dreams at a price that you can afford. Contact us today to inquire about our available listings! 

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