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What’s the Difference Between a Townhome and a Rowhome?

January 3, 2024
Townhome in houston texas

Are you searching for your first rental home or seeking to find better rentals? Either way, researching and making tough decisions come with finding your dream home. The first step in finding your dream home is to become informed about rental home options. Maybe you want a stand-alone home, or you like the idea of community living and living close to your neighbors. If you are seeking to make close connections with your neighbors, all while reaping the benefits of a stand-alone home, renting a townhome or rowhome might be the perfect fit for you! But, what is the difference between a townhome and a rowhome? 

The styles of townhomes and rowhomes look similar from the outside, and depending on where you live, these terms can be used interchangeably. Although, there are many notable differences between townhomes and rowhomes you may want to know before deciding on one.


Townhomes are houses built in small groups next to one another in rows. Structurally these houses share at least one wall, and sometimes will even include a shared common space, like an entryway into the different units or a shared patio. Another difference when comparing the two is the addition of garages that townhomes offer. Most townhomes include attached garages; our Wycliffe townhomes include a two-car garage. Lastly, townhomes offer a different exterior design compared to rowhomes. Townhomes are not always built to look identical to the house next to them and typically do not exceed two to three stories. Despite always having fewer stories, these houses can range in height and design. 



Rowhomes have many aspects that make them different from townhomes. They are built to look as if they share walls on both sides like townhomes. However, rowhomes can stand on their own and most of the time do not share walls. Rowhomes have the same appearance on the exterior although colors may vary to separate the units visually. The next point of comparison is that garages are not included in the home. Along with this, rowhomes are not the same in height as townhomes. Rowhomes can range up to five stories and are sometimes split into various apartments to accommodate more residents. 

What Should I Choose: Townhomes or Rowhomes? 

When choosing to rent a townhome or rowhome it’s important to decide how you envision the layout of your home. Townhomes allow for more open space that connects rooms and people across the house. Notably, townhomes include the primary bedroom on the first or second floor for easier accessibility. With rowhomes, bedrooms can depend on the number of floors and if the home is divided into multiple apartments. Rowhomes are often more narrow and include many stairs. The tight space results in windows being placed in the front and back of the house, making for fewer windows and more artificial light. 

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If you live in Texas, chances are you’ll come across townhomes rather than rowhomes. Our Wycliffe Heights Community is located off I-10 and Wycliffe Dr. in Houston, Texas and we offer 13 luxury residences in two different three-story floor plans, ranging from 1782 to 1900 SQ FT.  

According to the Houston Agent Magazine, single-family homes are the most popular type of housing in 2023. While the second-most desired home types are townhomes and rowhomes. Now is the best time of year to consider your next rental home! In 2024, you won’t have to choose between luxury and renting when you choose HomeSite. Schedule a tour to visit one of our communities today and find your perfect fit!

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