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What Amenities Come With a Single-Family Home?

March 8, 2024
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Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States, and has a population of over 2.3 million residents! When moving to a large city, there are a lot of aspects to consider before renting an abode. It is important to decide what amenities you want inside your home to know which type of house is best. Knowing what you are looking for inside your living space will make it easier to find rental homes in Texas. It makes it so you can eliminate choices and filter properties during your research based on the amenities you want. Start your research by finding homes that include amenities important to you! HomeSite Residential offers various amenities depending on whether you decide to live inside one of our townhomes or single-family homes. In this blog, you’ll learn what each of our single-family homes and townhomes have to offer. 

Our single-family home communities are located across the greater Houston area with new homes being built every day. From the townhomes at Wycliffe Heights to the luxurious single-family homes at our newly-opened Allison Park community, we offer exclusive amenities that make HomeSite unlike any other rental home community. Your individual needs will decide which amenities are essential inside your home. 

Basic Home Amenities 

When inspecting your potential new home, it is best to keep in mind which year the house was built. No one wants to live inside a rental home that will need major structural repairs while living there. That’s why HomeSite has built each home inside all of their communities from the ground up! These amenities make HomeSite differ from other stand-alone rental homes and rental communities: 

  • No Shared Walls, Floors, or Entries: Our communities of stand-alone homes do not share walls, floors, or entryways to give maximum privacy to each homeowner.
  • Maintenance Services: Maintenance Services are provided for our homes, unlike other stand-alone rental homes. Our maintenance services include home maintenance requests such as plumbing, electrical, A/C and heat, pest control, and landscape preservation.   
  • Number of Bedrooms: HomeSite provides single-family homes with 3-4 bedrooms to comfortably fit the whole family at affordable pricing. The number of bedrooms is dependent on the floor plan and if the house is single-family or townhome layout. 
  • Number of Bathrooms: We offer 2-2.5 baths inside our single-family homes to minimize the fight for the bathroom. The number of bathrooms inside your home varies between floor plans inside single-family homes and townhomes.  
  • Number of Floors: Our single-family homes range between 1-2 floors. 
  • Utilities: Each rental property features gas utilities along with central A/C and heating. 
  • Overhead Lighting: Every unit includes overhead lighting in addition to natural lighting provided by windows. 
  • Garage: Each rental property includes a 2-car garage attached to the house. 
  • Smart Home Technology: Each home has the ability to connect smart home technology to their smartphones. 
  • Washer and Dryer Hookups: HomeSite’s single-family homes feature hookups for a washer and dryer while our Wycliffe Heights townhomes have pre-installed washers and dryers for added convenience. 

Amenities Found Inside Each of Our Single-Family Homes 

It is up to the renter to decide which floor plan will suit the dynamic of their home. 

Living Space 

  • Open Space: An open space floor plan allows for people inside the living room, kitchen, and dining area to be connected and not separated by walls. 
  • Window Blinds: This will conserve energy as it insulates the house. 
  • Backyard Access: Door to your personal patio and fully fenced backyard. Each of our communities includes landscape services. 


  • Luxury Granite Countertops: Granite countertops will give a pleasing look to the kitchen and aid in cooking. 
  • Stainless Steel Appliances: This is included inside our newest community, Allison Park. 
  • Bar Space: Extra counter space can serve as a breakfast table. 


  • Carpeted Floors: Each bedroom found inside the unit includes carpeted floors to minimize noise passed between floors. 
  • Walk-in Closets: HomeSite closets are so spacious that you can walk in and comfortably move around. 
  • Ceiling Fans: This will keep air circulating as you sleep, and not overheat. 


  • Large Vanity Mirrors: The added light makes it easier to get ready in the morning, and the size makes it so that the mirror can be used by multiple persons at once. 
  • New Sinks: Each bathroom includes 1-2 sinks. 
  • Shower Baths: Inside the full bathrooms, a shower bath is included. Our Allison Park community offers a separate shower and bathtub inside the primary bedroom’s bathroom. 

Contact HomeSite Residential! 

There are rental homes all over the country that offer different amenities for you to enjoy, but few offer the level of service and quality that comes with every HomeSite living community. Our amenities are perfect for families in Houston, Texas who value spending time together, want a community to call home, and seek a pet-friendly rental property. Contact us to find the home your family has been waiting for! 

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