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Townhomes vs. Single-Family Homes: Which Rental Property Is Right For You?

August 14, 2023
townhome in houston texas wycliffe heights

Congratulations, if you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering moving to a new home in the Houston area and starting a new chapter in your life! This is an exciting step to take, but deciding on the type of home you want to rent can be a daunting task. Recently, both townhomes and single-family homes have become popular options for people looking to upgrade from apartment living, but which one is right for you? Today, we’ll go over the benefits of townhomes and single-family homes to help you make an informed decision on which rental property would suit your lifestyle best. 

What Are The Main Differences? 

Before moving on to the benefits of each style of home, let’s cover the main characteristics that differentiate townhomes and single-family homes.

    • Townhomes are built in units that feature multiple homes with shared walls, while single-family homes are separate buildings that reside on their own properties.
    • The entrances to townhomes are directly adjacent to a street or road, while single-family homes include a front yard that distances the house from the street.
    • Generally, townhomes have less square footage than single-family homes. 

Benefits of Renting a Townhome in Houston, TX 

wycliffe heights townhome in houston texas

Now that you understand the differences between townhomes and single-family rental properties, let’s discuss the benefits that come with living in a townhome. 

Strong Sense of Community 

Because townhomes are integrated with each other in the same unit, living in a townhome means that you’ll most likely be interacting with your neighbors more frequently. This is a great way to meet new people while fostering a strong sense of community. Some people who rent townhomes often say that they feel safer when at home because they know that their neighbors are close by. Plus, many newer townhomes have integrated smart home technology and other amenities to help keep your space safe while you’re away.

Conveniently Located in Urban Areas 

Most of the time, you’ll find townhome communities in densely populated urban areas because of the lower amount of space they occupy. If your commute involves driving to the city, renting a townhome near your place of work can help drastically reduce your commute time. Living in the city does not mean you have to sacrifice life in a spacious home; townhomes offer all the amenities of a house while having a smaller footprint. Some communities, such as Wycliffe Heights, are located only a few miles from downtown Houston, making it a great place to live if you travel in and out of the city frequently. 

Wycliffe Heights
Learn more about Wycliffe Heights community and our luxury townhomes.


Lower Rent Costs Than Other Rental Properties 

Because townhomes are smaller than single-family homes, the costs associated with renting a townhome are typically lower than single-family homes. Monthly costs like rent and HOA fees are not as expensive because of the lower operating costs that townhomes require. 

Benefits of Renting a Single-Family Home in Houston

acorn meadow single family home

How does living in a single-family home differ from a townhouse? Let’s learn about the key benefits that single-family homes provide. 

Greater Privacy for Your Family 

Since single-family homes retain a similar layout and construction to traditional homes, many of the benefits that come with owning a home are also present in renting a single-family home. One of the most desirable aspects of life in a single-family home is the added privacy. With no shared walls and big yards, single-family homes are perfect for people who are already accustomed to living in a traditional house. 

Larger Floor Plans Offer More Space 

People who have lived in apartment complexes may know how quickly space can run out as your family grows. Single-family homes offer the convenience of renting an apartment and the space that comes with living in a traditional house; it truly is the best of both worlds. Plus, single-family homes are usually offered with a variety of floor plans so that you can find the perfect fit. Most single-family homes also feature built-in two-car garages for additional storage. 

Located in Quiet Neighborhoods and Suburbs 

While townhomes tend to be located amidst urban areas, single-family homes often reside in neighborhoods located in the suburbs or newly-developed areas. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while still being close by, living in a single-family home in a quiet neighborhood can provide the perfect escape. Some communities, such as Acorn Meadow in the greater Houston area, are built to give their residents easy access to the city while being more secluded than the average apartment or townhome. 

Acorn Meadow
Single-Family Rental Home Community in Houston.


Which Rental Property Should You Choose? 

Both townhomes and single-family homes have their own benefits and drawbacks, so selecting which property you should live in depends on what you want out of your living space. If you’re looking to be part of a close-knit community in an urban setting while paying a little less for rent each month, living in a townhome would be the perfect choice for you. If you value privacy and need a greater amount of space for your growing family, renting a single-family home would better suit your needs. Other factors such as location and budget are important to consider as well, but both townhomes and single-family homes are great options for people who are just starting out on their own. At a HomeSite Residential community, we offer a variety of rental properties designed to fit your lifestyle, whether you’re looking for a townhouse or a

single-family home. Begin the next chapter of your life in Houston with HomeSite by reaching out to our team of experts today!

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